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Published: February 21, 2023

Q:  Does your company sell any solutions for residual isocyanates? We currently use Detonox detergent. How long can it last?

A: In the past we have recommended the very same powerfully emulsifying Detonox® Ultimate Precision Cleaner you are currently using with great results. 

Some types of isocyanates can polymerize – get a lot tougher to remove – so if you can provide anything further on the nature of the residue – process, hold times, temperature, etc. – it would help us finalize any recommendation specifics.

Either way, we’d likely try out the Detonox first, so a trial is called for.

Regarding how long the detergent solution can last, much depends on trial work as the amount of residue matters. Further, as Alconox Inc. aqueous detergents are biodegradable, care should be taken in leaving diluted detergents solutions sitting.  Best practices include changing out regularly (ex. daily, by shift basis, by parts/residue basis).  This avoids bioburden formation, as well as the potential for cross contamination.  Ensuring detergents solutions are fresh, maximizes cleaning capacity and detergency.

Regular and frequent change outs are a best practice.

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