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Critical Cleaning Challenge? There’s an App for that…

Have a critical cleaning challenge? There’s an App for that!! Alconox, Inc. the critical cleaning experts, launches its first ever application to put your cleaning needs and detergent selection information right at your fingertips.

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Liquinox for Environmental Sampling Equipment

Q. Bailers used to detect phosphate in surface water sampling gave positive readings in equipment blanks from a poorly rinsed phosphate containing detergent A.The US EPA standard operating procedures for sampling equipment cleaning say use “…a phosphate free laboratory grade detergent such as Liqui-nox…”

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Developing Sustainable Cleaning Processes

We applaud you for looking to employ sustainable, safe, clean, and reduced waste cleaning processes. The first step in evaluating the environmental health and safety of an aqueous cleaner is to secure the material safety data sheet and technical bulletins for the cleaners you plan to test or use, and to assemble as much information as you can about the soils you will be removing. A review of this information should disclose important environmental and health hazards as well as regulations.

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Residue Testing with pH Strips

Q. Can I use pH paper to confirm cleaning and rinsing of labware to comply with lab accreditation requirements?

A. If you are going to use pH strips to comply with lab accreditation requirements, you need to verify that your detergents are not interfering with the strips and papers. Detergents and surface active agents can interfere with some pH paper by causing a decrease of several pH units in reading. Please test any pH paper you intend to use …

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Cleaning with Minimal Insect Toxicity

Q. We are looking for cleaners that are minimally toxic or non-toxic to insects while effectively cleaning and removing biological debris, sugar, and pathogens.

A. Thank you for your request for a detergent that is minimally or non-toxic to insects. We regret to inform you that we do not have insect toxicity studies for our detergents. The mammalian and systemic toxicity information that we do have, however, shows that Liquinox® is very low in toxicity.

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Oxygenated products in Liquinox?

Q. Are there other oxygenated products/compounds in the Liquinox detergent?
A. Liquinox® does not contain any oxygen bleaches – peroxides. Liquinox® does contain ethoxylated alcohol nonionic surfactants which contain oxygen.

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Compatibility of Alconox with Neoprene

Q. We want to check on the chemical compatibility of Alconox cleaner with neoprene to determine if it will compromise the integrity and properties of our parts. I have been unable to find much chemical compatibility data for alconox exposure to neoprene online so I’m hoping you can provide some help.

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Removing Trace Metals, Inorganics & Organics without Acid?

Q. We are trying to reanalyze our cleaning procedure. Do you have a product that removes trace metals, inorganics and organics without an additional acid rinse? We sample waste water influent and effluent and collect in plastic containers. Please let me know what you would recommend.
A. Organic residues are typically effectively removed by alkaline cleaning. The most robust way to remove trace metals and inorganics is to use an acid rinse. However . . .

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Corrosion Testing on Lab Glassware

Q. Is corrosion testing advisable on type I borosilicate glass labware?

A. Type 1 borosilicate glass has excellent corrosion resistance properties. For this reason, it is commonly used for laboratory glassware to hold a wide range of chemical compounds without interacting with those compounds. Alconox, Inc. detergents have not been reported to attack type I borosilicate glass.

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Reduce Foaming in Wastewater Neutralization

Q. We have foaming in our wastewater neutralizatiion system. Is low-foaming AlcoJet cleaner a suitable alternative? Is it compatible to Alconox?
A. Alcojet is a low foaming version of Alconox. The two detergents are not chemically identical of course, but functionally each functional ingredient in Alconox has a comparably functioning ingredient in Alcojet.

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