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Clean-in-place (CIP) with Citrajet Detergent

Q. Our pharmaceutical company is transferring product manufacture to a different one our facilities. We used a CIP cleaning process with Citrajet and are going to have to perform validation and verification tests again. What information do we need for our testing? Chemical properties might be helpful as well as the science on how this chemical works. We would also need information on disposal and the requirements for allowing this to flow to normal process drains. Any help you can provide is appreciated.

A. Here are some key pieces of information you should find helpful, in addition to our SDS and technical bulletin downloads, when Cleaning in Place with Citrajet® Low Foaming Liquid Acid Cleaner.

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What is Keylajet detergent?

We’ve been a long time user of Solujet for our CIP system, and love it! I recently passed by your booth at a tradeshow and you set me up with a sample of Keylajet when we mentioned some extra viscous waxy residue we were having trouble removing. We were hoping to stay with our CIP method. It worked great! Can you relay more info?

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Solution Preparation Tank

Cleaning Titanium Dioxide from Tanks

Residual titanium dioxide (TiO2) can certainly pose issues due to it’s nature in the presence of heat. To remove TiO2 from tanks using CIP sprayballs, it is important to use….

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How much CIP detergent needed?

Q: We are starting a new bioprocessing facility where we will be cleaning stainless steel tanks via a Clean-In-Place sprayball system? How do I approximate how much detergent I will need? We are considering Alcojet or Solujet, follow by an acidic rinse with Citrajet. Is this a good plan? Any advice? A: A good rule of thumb for tis you need about….

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Cleaning E-cigarette Manufacturing Equipment

We are manufacturing e-cigarettes and need to find a good cleaner for our equipment. We are removing residues of essential oils, glycerin and flavor enhancers with an automated clean-in-place. Our tank is 500 gallons. We are unsure how much cleaner we need. Can you at Alconox Inc. help? We would recommend hot Solujet detergent. Learn more…

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Pharma Ointment Residue via CIP

Q. We are a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer of Creams and Ointments. We are having difficulty cleaning equipment (specifically CIP) after making these types of products. We have been successful in cleaning 95% of our products using the alkaline detergent. We have couple of products that leave a white film after the cleaning cycles. These products do not contain metal oxides. We are planning to try the Citranox acid cleaner. Any suggestions?

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Solujet detergent for CIP in Pharmaceutical Industry

Solujet cleaner is the detergent to consider for your next new pharmaceutical cleaning project or when you want to take the opportunity to improve when you are revalidating your existing cleaning system.

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Addition of Acid Rinse to Wash Cycle

We have a glass wash machine and use Alcojet for it. We would like to know if you need to include a neutralizing agent like Citrajet as part of the wash cycle (acid rinse)? Alcojet® Low Foaming Powdered Detergent is what we would call free-rinsing, meaning it rinses completely away with water without rinse aids.

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How does Solujet stack up to a leading CIP cleaner?

How does Solujet stack up to a leading CIP cleaner?

Unlike A LEADING CIP CLEANER, Solujet has high wetting surfactants that enhance emulsifying, wetting, dispersing and rinsing. The surfactants allow faster, more efficient cleaning and easier rinsing.

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Alconox Brands for Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems

Alconox Brands for Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems

Q. What Alconox brand cleaners are recommended for Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems? What information does Alconox offer to assist in validating CIP cleaners? A. It is desirable to use a low

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