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Cleaning for Powder Coating

Q. Can Alconox assist with pre-powder coat cleaning?
A. Yes! To get the best powder coating results, you will need a residue free surface. The detergent you use will depend on the material being coated. The reduction in surface oxides greatly helps with adhesion. The surface is made more receptive to accepting the coating.

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Degreasing Aluminum with Alconox, Inc. Cleaners

Cleaning aluminum that is unpassivated or freshly cut, abraded, polished, turned or drilled will require different procedures than aluminum that has been allowed to form a passive layer. Read more…

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Aluminum Plate Cleaning

Cleaning Aluminum: Parts Change Color

Q. What temperature should we be running for aluminum parts so they don’t change color?
A. Aluminum changing color during cleaning is often due to galvanic reactions with other metals that may be present in the solution.
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