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Detecting Residue in Cleaning Validation

When beginning cleaning validation, a company must identify the residues to be tested and then select the best detection method. Alconox Inc. is here to help. We provide validation service support

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Pharmaceutical Cleaning Validation – Residue Detection Method Selection

Q. What are the residue detection methods that can be used for cleaners? Does Alconox provide pharmaceutical validation information? A. A pharmaceutical cleaning validation involves residue detection method selection. Residue detection method selection for cleaners can involve specific methods for specific cleaner ingredients . . .

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Residue Testing with pH Strips

Q. Can I use pH paper to confirm cleaning and rinsing of labware to comply with lab accreditation requirements?

A. If you are going to use pH strips to comply with lab accreditation requirements, you need to verify that your detergents are not interfering with the strips and papers. Detergents and surface active agents can interfere with some pH paper by causing a decrease of several pH units in reading. Please test any pH paper you intend to use …

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