Pharmaceutical Cleaning Innovation: American Pharmaceutical Review Interview with Alconox Inc.

Mike Auerbach, Editor and Chief of American Pharmaceutical Review, spoke to Michael Moussourakis, Senior Director, Strategic Affairs at Alconox Inc. They discussed the unique cleaning challenges facing Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Cannabis manufacturers and the innovative solutions offered by Alconox Inc.


Auerbach: I understand Alconox has gotten into some sticky situations lately. Can you tell me more about those?

Moussourakis: Cannabis is a resin that is sticky and waxy and poses unique challenges for cleaning. Manufacturers care about their reputation as providers of a natural and green drug, so the need for biodegradable, residue free detergents comes in handy. We are involved with the growers, dispensaries and extractors providing not just green detergents, but advice and guidance for cleaning best practices.

Auerbach: As more Pharmaceutical products come online, do they pose new cleaning challenges? How does your company help companies with these new challenges?

Moussourakis:  In cosmetics, for example, bases they use and regulatory requirements are constantly changing. Detergents of the past that were sufficient are not always sufficient now. They are often required to obtain a higher level of cleanliness. We are out in the field communicating with them and discovering what their needs are, so we can have our R&D scientists ready to manufacture what’s needed and make sure the detergents work well.

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