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Critical Cleaning Challenge? There’s an App for that…

Have a critical cleaning challenge? There’s an App for that!! Alconox, Inc. the critical cleaning experts, launches its first ever application to put your cleaning needs and detergent selection information right at your fingertips.

Fuel Injector Cleaning in Jet Engines

Need a wetting agent for aircraft approval, PMC 1610? More on Pratt & Whitney specification for Alconox used in fuel injector cleaning in jet engines.

Eliminating Need for Ultrasonic Bath?

Q: We are looking to replace our detergent for cutting oil removal and possibly move away from using an ultrasonic bath.  Can you help? A:  We would recommend Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner for removal of cutting oil from stainless parts.  It…

Cleaning Space Environment Simulation Chambers

Q. We are currently using Alconox® for cleaning of space environment simulation chambers. What do you recommend for a process to clean steel piping contaminated with DC-704 and Fryquel 550 and turbomolecular vacuum pump backing piping at JSC/NAS?

A. Alconox® detergent is the right choice, but vacuum pump grease is a very heavy difficult to remove residue. We recommend using very hot (170 deg F if possible) 2% Alconox® (20 g/L) followed by a very hot first rinse…

Nonvolatile residue inspection

Q. What is a nonvolatile residue inspection? A.  Nonvolatile Residue Inspection (NVR) involves extraction of soil from a dirty surface into a solvent. The solvent is then evaporated onto a coupon of known weight.  After the solvent is evaporated off the…


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