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Sanitizing Uniforms Amid COVID-19

I’m not sure Alconox Inc. can assist with this but I know you guys from my work in the lab and processing suite. New COVID-19 guidelines require us to clean and sanitize our fencing uniforms after every lesson. Can your detergents help with that? What do you recommend? Yes! Cleaning and sanitizing are what aqueous detergents do. It is now more important than ever to ensure not just hard surfaces, but items like uniforms, PPE, and other equipment remain clean and sanitized.

Test tubes in a laboratory

Which Detergent Is Best to Clean Fecal MPN Test Tubes in a Lab Washer

Q: Which of your detergents would be recommend to wash glassware used to clean Fecal MPN test tubes in a lab washer. Does it have an Inhibitory Residue Test? A: The borosilicate glass test tubes typically used in fecal Most Probable Number (MPN) assays need to be reliably clean each and every time….

Cannabis: IPA replacement with Alconox Inc. Detergents

Q. The Bureau of Fire Service (BFS) is requiring us to stop using isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for cleaning. Do you have a good replacement for 2-propanol / isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for cleaning cannabis botanical resins? A. Alconox Inc. has detergents that can be used for IPA replacement in cleaning extraction and processing equipment used in making cannabis and cannabadiol (CBD) products

Tattoo Equipment

Tattoo Equipment Cleaning Recommendations

Great Art Starts With Clean Equipment. Alconox Inc. cleaning products have been used by healthcare professionals for over 70 years to prepare instruments for sterilization.

Defining Free Rinsing Detergent

A non-free rinsing cleaner might contain fragrances that were designed to deposit and leave a fresh scent, or it might contain corrosion inhibitors that are designed to deposit and leave behind an anti-corrosion film.

Alconox, Inc, cleaners are free rinsing detergents and do not leave deposits on substrates after rinsing.


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