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How To Dispose of Alnochromix Cleaner

Q: How do you dispose of Alnochromix cleaner and sulfuric acid mixtures?   What kind of container can hold the mixture, and what are the outgasses?

A: Excellent question about what disposal and containers are recommend, and what outgasses are there from an Alnochromix®/sulfuric acid solution. The mixture of Alnochromix and concentrated sulfuric acid forms peroxydisulfuric acid, bisulfate salts, and persulfate salts along, which will be present with sulfuric acid.  The mixture will outgas sulfur dioxide and oxygen when oxidizing organic residues.  This is why you want to store in a vented container.  Vent caps are available at in the shop.


What is the Shelf Life of Alnochromix?

Q: Is the date on the Alnochromix packet a use by date, or an expiration?  What is the shelf life of Alnochromix in diluted form?  How long is it good for?

A: The dates on the packets of Alnochromix® Oxidizing acid additive are indeed an expiration date.  We do not have data supporting use beyond that date.
The shelf life of Alnochromix solution depends….


What is Alnochromix?

Q: I understand that Nochromix is no longer available and I am to contact Alconox Inc. for a replacement?

A: That is correct. Godax Laboratories has discontinued NOCHROMIX® cleaner. You may reach them at Note all NOCHROMIX® packages have a 2 year from the date of manufacture shelf life.  The date of manufacture can be found printed on each packet.


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