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Alconox Detergent Ingredients

Q. How do I find out the ingredients of Alconox cleaners?

Is Alconox detergent the same as Liquinox detergent?

Q. Is the Alconox powder equivalent to the Liquinox liquid? If these are the same could you please provide me with some sort of documentation saying that Alconox is the powdered form of Liquinox and that they are interchangeable?

Maximum Wash Temperature for Liquinox

Q. What is the maximum wash temperature for Liquinox? At this maximum temperature is there an accelerated breakdown of detergent?
A. Liquinox is heat stable all the way to boiling at standard temperature and pressure conditions. From a practical standpoint, there are some detergency mechanisms that begin to break down mechanistically as you approach boiling. Emulsions begin to become less stable as you approach within a couple degrees of boiling. If emulsifying is not a critical cleaning mechanism, this may not be relevant to you.

Utilizing Alconox on Stainless Steel

Q: We currently use Alconox detergent on our manufacturing equipment as well as a glass cleaner in the labs. We are qualifying a piece of equipment and wanted assurance that Alconox detergent can clean different types of Stainless Steel. I downloaded the Tech Bulletin that notes Stainless Steel, but does not give any specifics. Do you have documentation regarding the different types of Stainless Steel that Alconox cleans from?

Tergazyme and Bleach Cleaning

Q. Can Tergazyme be used to clean a microfiltration membrane system? Can Tergazyme be a supplement to bleach cleaning. A. Tergazyme can be an excellent pre-cleaning procedure prior to bleaching.


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