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Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: What is a nonionic detergent?

Q. What is a nonionic detergent? How can a nonionic detergent like Alcojet have ionic sodium salts in it? What does it mean when a mil spec requires the use of a nonionic detergent? A. Surfactants are surface acti

floor mats

How To: Clean ESD Floor Mats?

Q: Our customer is looking to clean ESD floor mats?  What products would you recommend?

A:  ESD (electrostatic discharge) floor mats used throughout the electronic industry are yet another example of a critical cleaning applications.  While several detergents can be used, we often recommend….


3D Printed Resin Cleaning

Q: We are using isopropyl alcohol to remove residual 3D printed acrylic resin on plastic parts.  It works ok, but we are looking to avoid flammability.  What can Alconox recommend?

A: Detergent 8® Low-Foaming Ion-Free Detergent is in general the best cleaner we have for removing assorted resins.  In some cases….


Cleaning Soot on Circuit Boards

We have some pc boards that have soot from being in a building that caught fire. The boards were not damaged by heat and the only issue is the soot covering. We were hoping to use our ultrasonic cleaner to clean them. Do you have a product that will remove soot and can be used in an ultrasonic cleaner?


Bleach with Detergents for Disinfection?

Q. What is the effect of adding bleach to Alconox Inc. products? We want to enhance our disinfection capability.

A. Some Alconox Inc. critical cleaners can be mixed with bleach (hypochlorite) for enhanced removal of bioorganic matter, bleaching or oxidizing properties, including: You can get some disinfection, but as we will explain, you need to clean a surface first before you disinfect.


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