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Published: May 25, 2022

Q: We are using isopropyl alcohol to remove residual 3D printed acrylic resin on plastic parts.  It works ok, but we are looking to avoid flammability.  What can Alconox recommend?

A: Detergent 8® Low-Foaming Ion-Free Detergent is in general the best cleaner we have for removing assorted resins.  In some cases it can help to go to as high as a 10% dilution of Detergent 8 for more difficult 3D printed resin residues. 

In general, and across a wide array of applications, Detergent 8 will outperform IPA as it only offers a single cleaning mechanism. Some specialty solvents designed for a specific resin may of course outperform Detergent 8.  However, the detergent will remove a wider array of residues than a specific targeted solvent. Further, Detergent 8 cleaner of course has the advantage that it is neither flammable nor combustible, which means you can use it at hot temperatures. And heat helps with cleaning in the vast majority of cases. In combination with ultrasonics, Detergent 8 cleaner is effective on many different resins and has been used in 3D printing cleaning at intermediate and final stages in the manufacturing.

As with all cleaning applications, compatibility of substrate should be verified. We are certainly happy to discuss.

For general, environmental, and particulate based cleaning of 3D printed parts, refer to our 3D Printing Precision Manufacturing TechBrief, 3D Printing Life Sciences TechBrief or related TechNotes.

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