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What is a TOC Residue Detection Method?

Q. What is TOC and is TOC an acceptable residue detection method for Alconox Brand Aqueous Cleaners? A. Total organic carbon (TOC) is the amount of carbon bound in an organic compound

What is a nonionic detergent?

Q. What is a nonionic detergent? How can a nonionic detergent like Alcojet have ionic sodium salts in it? What does it mean when a mil spec requires the use of a nonionic detergent? A. Surfactants are surface acti

Is there an equivalent to Xylene in the Alconox product line?

Q. Currently we are using Xylene to clean equipment that is used with extremely non-polar compounds. Does Alconox have a cleaning product that would be equivalent to Xylene but not as harmful and dangerous to work with? A. Even extremely non-polar com

How to: Remove Outgassing Residues from Storage Semiconductors

Learn how to remove outgassing residues from storage of semiconductors and related high purity components in plastic bags. Alternatives provided based on sodium sensitivity.


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