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Published: April 30, 2014

Q. How much Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is in Alcojet and Citrajet?

A. Alcojet contains 1.5% (w/w) Total Organic Carbon. This means that in 100 g of Alcojet there is 1.5 grams of TOC. In terms of concentration, this means that a 1% solution of Alcojet (10 g Alcojet/L) would contain 0.15 g TOC/L (10 g Alcojet * 0.015 g TOC/g Alcojet). Note that there is substantial IC content in Alcojet (just roughly estimating in my head without calculating precicely, there is around 10% IC in Alcojet). This means you must adequately acidify the sample to drive off the IC to avoid IC interference in your TOC reading.

Citrajet contains 14% (w/w) Total Organic Carbon (and no inorganic carbon). This means that 100 g of Citrajet contains 14 g of TOC. In terms of concentration this means that a 1% solution of Citrajet (10 g Citrajet/L) contains 1.4 g TOC/L (10 g Citrajet * 0.14 g TOC/g Citrajet). You can derive any concentration information regarding TOC in Alcojet and Citrajet from the relationships given in these examples of how to do the calculation.

In the Alconox, Inc Cleaning Validation References it states: Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis has been reported to detect the organic surfactants present in ALCONOX.

For more information about Alcojet and Citrajet, consult the specific technical bulletin for each product HERE. Or click here to access each of our detergent’s Material Data Safety Sheets. You can also request a free sample by completing the questionnaire at Get Sample.

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