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How to: Remove Hydrated Aluminum Oxide – Al(OH)3

Q: We are currently using Alconox powder. What recommendations are there to remove Hydrated Aluminum Oxide – Al(OH)3 from aluminum?  

A: Cleaning hydrated aluminum oxide, or aluminum hydroxide, is not the best of jobs for an emulsifying alkaline cleaner like Alconox powdered detergent.


Food Manufacturing: How to Descale Safely and Effectively

I am an engineer at a large food manufacturer. I have a couple of questions about Citranox regarding a descaling application.  Specifically looking for options for how to descale stainless steel channeling that can only be reached by pumping a liquid through.  Can a foaming detergent be used for pumping?  How much do I use? How is this better than citric acid?

Flux Residue Removal

Q. I am seeing a white powder around solder joints on PCBs.  Is this solder flux? We use Detergent 8 for cleaning. Do you know why this is happening and how to stop or remove it?
A. There are several ways of approaching this common issue of solder flux and its removal. For example, One way to fix this problem is to lower the temperature when soldering. In another scenario, a leading aerospace manufacturer studied putting potassium silicate (10 mL in 10 L) into the Detergent 8 bath to act as an inhibitor to stop the formation of these white salts.

Aluminum Castings

Would Citranox Be Safe To Use To Clean Diesel Fuel from Aluminum Castings, Bronze and Copper?

Q: We use Citranox in our manufacturing process to clean some aluminum castings. We have a customer that has a product that has been exposed to diesel fuel. Would Citranox be safe to use to clean diesel fuel from aluminum castings, bronze and copper? A: Yes, Citranox® Liquid Acid Cleaner and Detergent would be a safe detergent to use on these metals. We would recommend warm….

Test tubes in a laboratory

Which Detergent Is Best to Clean Fecal MPN Test Tubes in a Lab Washer

Q: Which of your detergents would be recommend to wash glassware used to clean Fecal MPN test tubes in a lab washer. Does it have an Inhibitory Residue Test? A: The borosilicate glass test tubes typically used in fecal Most Probable Number (MPN) assays need to be reliably clean each and every time….


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