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Non Corrosive Hospital Detergents for Aluminum Trays

The Problem: Aluminum trays used in washer/sterilizers can be attacked by corrosive hospital detergents used in the wash cycle.
The Solution: Use neutral pH non-corrosive Luminox hospital detergent . . .

TOC Analysis of Alcojet and Citrajet

Q. How much Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is in Alcojet and Citrajet? A. Click for details on Alcojet and Citrajet TOC analysis . . .

Do Alconox brands contain residual solvent ingredients?

Do Alconox brands have class 1, 2, 3, or 4 residual solvent ingredients? No, Alconox brands do not contain class 1, 2,3, or 4 residual solvent ingredients.

What is a TOC Residue Detection Method?

Q. What is TOC and is TOC an acceptable residue detection method for Alconox Brand Aqueous Cleaners? A. Total organic carbon (TOC) is the amount of carbon bound in an organic compound


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