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Published: April 8, 2014

Fryer OilA major fried food preparer was thrilled after their hard work with a major frying oil supplier paid off. They had collaborated to develop a zero trans fat frying oil!

Unfortunately, making the transition proved challenging because the new oil broke down quickly which led to poor taste, texture, aroma and food appearance.  The oil also stuck to the sides of the fryer like no other oil had ever done. The cause was traced back to residual polymers left over from the previous batch of new oil used in the fryers. This residual oil and its polymers facilitated the breakdown of the current batch of frying oil. Failure to completely clean the polymers when changing out the oil resulted in the next batch of oil having a faster breakdown and shorter oil life.

Then the food preparer had an idea — contact the R&D lab that developed the oil and ask them what they used to clean their labware. The lab told them they used Alconox powdered detergent, which is a widely used in multiple-industry labs that need residual free labware like test tubes. By cleaning with Alconox at each oil change, the fried food preparer found that they were able to eliminate oil-degrading polymer residues, extend the oil life of the next batch, and prepare the high quality food their customers craved with zero trans fats.

Are you cleaning deep fryers? Wondering about improving quality or extending fry time per batch? To learn more about How to Clean your food prep equipment, Cleaning Principles and other information, visit To receive a free sample of Alconox, Inc. detergent, please complete the form here at Get A Sample. Or ask our cleaning experts a technical cleaning question at Ask Alconox.

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