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Published: April 9, 2019

Indoor gun ranges pose a lead exposure risk to visitors and staff and, as such, should take special interest in lead dust removal best practices. According to the CDC, “many firing range facilities lack environmental and occupational controls to protect the health of shooters and range personnel from effects of lead.”

Studies, like this one published in Environmental Health, have shown that indoor firing ranges may put hobby shooters, law enforcement officers and employees at risk from lead exposure, particularly if proper lead dust-control measures are not in place.

Making an indoor gun range safe from lead dust is possible with proper air ventilation and proper cleaning procedures that focus on lead abatement. When it comes to lead dust, it’s important to never dry sweep or shovel bullet debris. Wet cleaning, with proper lead dust cleaner is also essential.  

Gun ranges can clean lead dust that settles onto surfaces by wet mopping with LEDIZOLV® Lead-Specific Detergent. Ledizolv is scientifically formulated for use in the clean-up and control of LCD hazards. Ledizolv removes lead contaminated dust on any surface yet, unlike TSP or other phosphate detergents, it is a mild pH, phosphate free and completely biodegradable. This means Ledizolv is safer for human handling and contact, for surfaces and for the environment. Best of all, Ledizolv is a highly effective LCD cleaner.

Employees should be shown procedure for using a HEPA vacuum and wet cleaning with a 2% solution of Ledizolv. They can then wipe with a rinse water rag or mop. Wear gloves and eye protection when using Ledizolv to clean weapons or firing range surfaces.

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