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Published: November 14, 2019

Q. We are working on the laboratory testing and production of several cannabis products. We’ve been working with Alconox Inc. products for some time to effectively clean our labware, glassware and processing equipment of cannabis residue. What types of cleaning-related quality issues can you provide guidance on?

A. The medical cannabis, cannabidiol, hemp and similar industries are increasing in scope and interest, across the U.S. and the globe. Your question is timely. With FDA approval of some marijuana derived drugs, assurance that scientific innovation does not outpace Quality and Regulatory (QARA) guidelines is a concern for many.

Cannabis and related processing is covered by drug related and, with edibles, food related QARA guidance. This includes GXP, FSMA – 21CFR117, ISO 17025:2017, ISO22002-1:2009 and ISO9001:2015.  This is of course ever chagning.  Sometimes week to week!

Much like other similar substances, drugs, and food material, these products may be provided to immunocompromised patients. Therefore, and as applicable with medibles, there is a vital need in avoiding risk of food related contamination and outbreaks. 

While we do not work directly with The Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards, their website seems to be a great reference source:

As with all critical cleaning applications, the need for effective, free-rinsing detergents is ever-present.  The developing cannabis manufacturing industry is no exception. We’re here to help. Please refer to our article on cannabis cleaning for specifics.  Or contact us any time for your particular application.

To request an Alconox Inc. detergent for free, please complete the questionnaire at Get Sample. For more information about any one of our Alconox, Inc. detergents, consult the technical bulletin for each product. Or click here to access each of our detergent’s Safety Data Sheets.

Do you have a critical cleaning question for the experts at Alconox Inc.?  Search TechNotes to see if it’s been answered before or Ask Alconox.

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  1. Roger Dennis says:

    I had the same question in my head & here you have explained it in detail. I found great information about specific critical cleaning for marijuana factories & it’s nice to get information about a professional cleaning company (Alconox, Inc.). However, I need them soon.

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