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Published: July 20, 2012

Q: I have a flat-bottomed deep fryer and can’t get it clean. What do you recommend?

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A: Flat bottomed fryers tend to get higher amounts of carbon buildup compared to open-pot or tube fryers as the sediment settles and is in direct contact with the heat-conducting fryer bottom. This causes more rapid oil breakdown, increased carbon buildup and faster formation of contaminants in the oil which can affect the appearance and taste of the food.


Water temperature, amount of detergent, soak time and scrubbing action are the 4 things that can change your cleaning results and improve taste.


Follow the directions in the Fryer Cleaning with Alconox Guide:

1) use two pounds of Alconox detergent;

2) use hot water;

3) allow at least a 2 hour soak time (if not overnight) and;

4) scrub before and after soaking.


If you follow these procedures every time you change out your oil, it should help avoid such hard-to-clean carbon buildup.

If you would like to test, please request a free fryer cleaner sample and send us photos of your results. For more information visit:



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