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Aluminum Plates

How to: Clean Aluminum Plate (high volume)

Q. I am interested in a degreaser/cleaner for aluminum plate. We are looking to install this process into our production line with a high volume need, spray washing.

A. Using a high volume in-line conveyorized spray washer, you can clean aluminum plate using safely using Citrajet® Low-Foam Liquid Acid Cleaner/Rinse. We recommend.

Plastic Parts

How to: Clean Chromated Aluminum & Plastic Parts

Q. We are starting a new cleaning process and are looking for recommendations as to what cleaner(s) to use for cleaning plastics and chromated aluminum parts in a lab dishwasher. We currently use deionized water with no cleaner and are having problems.

A. Thanks for your question on how to clean chromated aluminum and plastic parts in a dishwasher. Assuming this is a residential style lab….

Circuit Board Cleaning

How to: Clean Aluminum from Oils and Proteins

Find out which detergents are aluminum safe cleaners to clean aluminum from oils and proteins.

Aluminum Castings

Would Citranox Be Safe To Use To Clean Diesel Fuel from Aluminum Castings, Bronze and Copper?

Q: We use Citranox in our manufacturing process to clean some aluminum castings. We have a customer that has a product that has been exposed to diesel fuel. Would Citranox be safe to use to clean diesel fuel from aluminum castings, bronze and copper? A: Yes, Citranox® Liquid Acid Cleaner and Detergent would be a safe detergent to use on these metals. We would recommend warm….

How To Clean an Aluminum Coated Mirror

Q: We are looking to clean an aluminum coated mirror with a neutral, mild effective cleaner.  What can Alconox Inc. recommend?
A:  Typical residues found in laboratory, aerospace and optics industry mirror applications are adhered dust, dirt and water spots.  Occasionally oil spots and coolant residues will be found as well. 


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