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Aluminum Castings
Published: August 25, 2020

Q: We use Citranox in our manufacturing process to clean some aluminum castings. We have a customer that has a product that has been exposed to diesel fuel. Would Citranox be safe to use to clean diesel fuel from aluminum castings, bronze and copper?

A: Yes, Citranox® Liquid Acid Cleaner and Detergent would be a safe detergent to use on these metals.  We would recommend warm temperatures, 2-3% concentration, a thorough rinse, and quick drying.  Especially on the bronze and copper.  Rinse water may rust them.

If using a soak tank or ultrasonic bath, I would avoid mixing those metals – Ultrasonic Cleaner for Mixed Metal Baths. They can be isolated in a bath using glass beakers if applicable. Glass will allow for transmission of the ultrasonic energy, but keep parts electrically isolated.

If you prefer a low foaming detergent, or require one if this is a high pressure spraying/washer process, Citrajet® Low-Foam Liquid Acid Cleaner/Rinse will perform the job safely and efficiently.

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