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Cleaning Time

How to: Reduce Cleaning Time

Q. What can we do to reduce cleaning time?  We want to be as optimal and thorough in our cleaning as possible.  

A. At Alconox Inc we recognize that manual cleaning may take minutes, spray cleaning seconds, and soaking may take hours, possibly overnight, to achieve comparable cleanliness. Read more….

Liquinox and Tergazyme

Improving Tergazyme Detergent

Q: We have an array of tough proteinaceous and oily residues. I am considering adding a non-ionic surfactant like Triton X-100 to a normally prepared solution of 1% Tergazyme, is there any data about whether or not that would damage the enzyme?  Is it a way of improving Tergazyme? 


Running SIP After Cleaning

Q: We are using Tergazyme to control biofilm residues.  Works great.  Can you think of any issues that might arise if we run a steam/pressure “kill cycle” after cleaning with the Tergazyme cycle is completed?

A: Tergazyme® Enzyme-Active Powdered Detergent is an excellent part of a biofilm control regimen.  A thorough rinse will leave no residue left behind to speak of that might interact with your SIP kill cycle.  After all,

Disposal of Alconox Inc. Detergents

What is the proper way to dispose of your detergents? Detergent disposal in a proper manner is an integral part of a robust cleaning program regardless of scale or industry. Alconox Inc. detergents are biodegradable….

Cannabis Cleaning: Grower Irrigation Lines

Q: We are growers of various cannabis plants for medical use.   Our overhead irrigation lines can get clogged with fertilizer residue and water buildup.  Can Alconox, Inc. provide some solutions? A: Certainly.  We have been working with water and chemical lines in environmental, laboratory, biopharma, cosmetic and other manufacturing settings for several decades.  Irrigation lines will have some particular residues….


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